Graeme King – Site Coordinator

Graeme King

Like many of its volunteers, Graeme found Food for Alls listing in Craigslist and decided to start volunteering with them in the summer of 2007. Despite an initial hiccup where he turned up at the wrong church and was almost recruited for an all-weekend yoga retreat he became one of their Site Coordinators in early 2008 and has never looked back. In this time deliveries have nearly doubled to almost 100 a week.
Graeme always tries to bring a certain enthusiasm to the proceedings and works hard every week trying to remember the names of the hundreds of volunteers who turn up week-in week-out to help make Food for All possible. He would also like to apologize for his indecipherable Scottish accent that gets subconsciously heavier whenever he gets up on stage to explain the days proceedings to everyone.
Graeme currently works as an IT Consultant at the Corporation for National and Community Service in Washington DC but in his spare time is a keen photographer and cook.